Darook vs. Hsarc12

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Darook vs. Hsarc12

Post  Nirina on Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:45 am

Standing in the middle of the Duel Stadium, surrounded by the many spectators who have come out today for the Signer Central Tournement, is a rather odd looking fellow in a bright red shirt and black pants and a very weird hairdo. He's standing on a podium in the middle of the stadium, which is in between 2 duel fields. He grabs his microphone, takes a deep breath and begins talking.

"Welcome everyone to the Signer Central Tournement! I hope your all excited for a wonderful bout of dueling this fine, sunny day! Now! For our first match, playing on the field to my right, it's the guy known as the Shadow Dueling, Flute Playing Samurai...give it up for Angelus Farius!"

The crowd cheers loudly as tall, dark, and handsome boy comes walking out onto the field, his Duel Academy duel disk on his arm and stands calmly in the middle of it. The announcer then nods his head and put the microphone to his mouth again.

"AND, facing our flute playing samurai, is a young man who has been making his way up the duel rankings, give it up for Jabriah!"

The crowd cheers and they all look towards the entrance to the duel fields. After a couple minutes, the crowd's cheering starts to die down, as no one comes out of the entrance. The announcer looks around wildly, and covers the top of his microphone as a person in a duel stadium uniform runs up to him and whispers in his ear. He nods his head and stands up, taking his hand off the microphone and says,

"Lady's and Gentlemen, I am sorry to inform you that young Jabriah will not be dueling in today's tournement. So...I guess this means that," the announcer turns to Angelus and points at him, "By win of a by, our first win of the day goes to Angelus Farius!"

The crowd cheers as Angelus looks around confused, then sighs and shrugs, waving a little at the people as he turns around and walks out of the arena.

darook forfeits giving hsarc12 a buy. darook gets 2 signer points, hsarc12 gets 10 signer points

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