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the Rules of Signer Central

Post  Jack Atlus on Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:03 am

I expect you to have read this before beginning posting on this site. With that in statement you have agreed to follow these Terms and Rules:

1. No Profanity. Absolutely no Profanity under any conditions, or even shortcuts to Profanity like **** #$^@ or Short cuts like "EFF THAT".
2. No Put Downs. Absolutely no degrading or slandered words are to be mentioned about any player on this board.
3. No Spamming. Spamming this site with any advertisements outside the ADV-1 Clause(seen below) will result in immediate suspension.
4. Botting of this site will result in an IP report to PHPBB and their affiliates and immediate termination from this site.
5. Slander to this board and or it's affiliate PHPBB will result in immediate suspension.
6. Double Posting will result in warning(s). (The excuse of, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EDIT, will result in MULTIPLE WARNINGS) I do have specific posts for that, its in games.
7. If any excuse to any laws or annoyances that can be related to the FAQ (Where most all excuses are proved incoherent as you should have read these) will result in MULTIPLE WARNINGS.
8. Conspiracy of any kind against a member 'or' this board will result in IP reporting and immediate termination from this site.
9. Creating Multiple accounts for any reson(without permission from myself only)will result in suspension of weakest account and termination of strongest account.
10. Any immoral injustices caused by a player on this board will result in an agreed sentence by the Mod's and judged then by Admin (if available within 12 hours).
11. Finally, stealing any work posted on this site without permission of use by the author will result in report of IP to all affiliates and immediate termination from the site.
12. this isn't really so muchof a rule but if you have any questions post them in the Q&A Category. The Moderators amyself check it daily. so thats once day times the number of mods and myself.
if you have a rule you'd like to add then pm myself or one of my moderators the rule and we will discuss it together.
All rules stated above and if so - below, are to be assumed that this is affected by anything on this board from Forum, PM, to even 3rd party systems such as YIM, AOL, etc.

ADV-1 Clause: You may only advertise RELATED materials, but only via a text only link or a max of 500x100 banner. If A SINGLE player requests you to not do this, YOU MUST NOT DO IT before running it by the Mods. If the mods deem it either TOO LARGE (causing spam like annoyances) you must NEVER advertise with a banner again. If a player then requests you to stop after advertising with just TEXT you must run it by the Mods before advertising again. If the mods deem it spam like, you will then never be allowed to Advertise here again. Breaking a single part of this will result in Suspension, Breaking it enough to annoy Mod's and Admin will result in IP report and immediate termination.
This also goes for signatures.
Jack Atlus
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