Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's T.V. Show Story Line

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's T.V. Show Story Line

Post  Jack Atlus on Wed Sep 24, 2008 2:55 pm

Some time after the legendary battles fought by Yugi and Jaden, the game of Duel Monsters has evolved, and introduced a new aspect, "Turbo Duels". These duels are played in giant stadiums, and duelists ride motorcycles with built-in duel equipment known as "Duel Runners". Domino City has also changed, under the guidance of the head of its public maintenance bureau, Rex Goodwin. Rich and powerful people live in what is now known as "Neo Domino City", while the poorer class are shunned and live mostly in the slums area, known as "Satellite". An aspiring duelist from Satellite, Yusei Fudo, builds his own Duel Runner, but is betrayed by his best friend, Jack Atlas, who steals not only his Runner but also his most precious monster, the Stardust Dragon. While Jack battles his way to the top and becomes Duel King, Yusei is forced to live on in Satellite with his friends.

Two years later, Yusei has built another Duel Runner, and sets out to win back his Dragon and regain the bonds he once had with his friend. Jack, now known as the King of the Riding Duel, has made a name for himself and his monster, the Red Dragon Archfiend, in Neo Domino City. Yusei and Jack face each other in a Turbo Duel, and during the duel Yusei is able to regain control of Stardust Dragon. As Stardust and Red Dragon Archfiend battle, a third dragon appears and brings an abrupt end to the fight. This attracts the attention of Rex Goodwin, who reveals to Jack an ancient secret - thousands of years ago, the "People of the Stars", a pre-Incan civilization, were attacked by evil monsters, and summoned a mighty beast known as the "Crimson Dragon" to protect themselves. The Crimson Dragon imprisoned the evil forces into the ground, forming what are now the Nazca Lines. Goodwin reveals to Jack that five descendants of the People of the Stars are still alive in the present day, and have the power to call the Crimson Dragon once again, in order to guard against the return of evil. These five "Signers" may be recognized by the "Dragon Marks" they bear, a symbol on their body representing a part of the Crimson Dragon. The Marks react and begin glowing when their owner or another Signer is dueling. There are five Marks, the Dragon's head, tail, wings, and two claws. Currently, the bearers of four of the Marks are known. Jack has carried the wings since birth, and the tail originally appeared on Yusei's arm during the battle between Stardust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend. After the duel ended, the Mark vanished, but it reappears often when Yusei is around other active Signers. The third Signer is the "Black Rose Witch", Akiza, a girl who possesses psychic abilities. She believes her Dragon Mark to be the cause of her strange powers.

Goodwin has started a dueling tournament, the Fortune Cup, in order to locate the remaining Signers. Yusei and his friend Luna have both been invited, as has the mysterious Black Rose Witch. The winner of the tournament will be given the honor of facing off against the Duel King, Jack. During the tournament, Luna is confirmed as being the fourth Signer.
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