Card Types 101

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Card Types 101

Post  Jack Atlus on Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:26 pm

This the classroom where you will learn the differant types of cards.

there are Seven Styles of monsters. Normal Monsters, Effect Monsters, Toons, Tuner Monsters, Ritual Monsters, Fusion Monsters, and Synchro Monsters. then each of those have types of monsters: Aqua, Beast, Beast-Warrior, Dinosaur,Dragon, Fairy, Fiend, Fish, Insect, Machine,Psychic, Pyro, Reptile, Sea-Serpent, Spellcaster, Thunder, Warrior, Winged-Beast, and Zombie. Then Each of those monsters have one of 6 Attributes. Light, Dark, Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth.

Normal Monster

Normal monster have no special things about them.they are ment to attack and to Tribute.

Effect Monster

Effect monsters have special abilities that you use to do things to your opponent or to help you out in the Duel.

Toon Monsters

Toons are Special monsters that con only be Special Summoned. They can only be on the Field when "Toon World" Spell Card is on the Field. By paying life points, most Toons monsters may attack your opponent's life points directly, if the opponent does not have a toon monster on their side of the feild.

Tuner Monster

You use Tuner Monsters to summon Synchro Monsters. you must sacrifice the tuner plus 1 or more non-tuner monsters who total star level equals to the star level of the Synchro monster you wish to summon.

Ritual Monster

Ritual Monsters are generally powerful so you can only special summon them and only with specific Ritual Spell Cards.

Fusion Monster

a Fusion monster is made when you take two monsters on the text of the fusion monster's card then using a polymerization or another fusion spell card to fuse the 2 or more monster to create the Fusion Monster. Fusion Monsters go into your Extra Deck-NOT your Main Deck.

Synchro Monster

A powerful new kind of monster! Synchro Monsters are Special Summoned by combining tuner monsters with other monsters. Synchro Monsters go into your Extra Deck-they Do NOT go into your Main Deck

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