Digimon Evolution Part 2 Ch 1

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Digimon Evolution Part 2 Ch 1

Post  darook on Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:42 am

The group woke up the next morning to the sound of a loud screech that came from the sky. Looking up they all saw the outline of a large, green bug with two sharp claws for hands. Looking at his digivice, Trace said, “This is Yanmamon. It’s an insect type that has several lightning attacks.”
“This doesn’t look good,” David replied.
Yanmamon made circles above the group and screeched, “FOOD!”
David looked at Terriermon, who was still rubbing his eyes in an attempt to wake up, an bag of popcorn next to him.
“Oh, no! It can smell the food,” yelled Toni.
“Well, it’s too late now. Looks like we’re gonna have to fight it,” Trace said.
David smiled and replied, “Sounds like fun. Too bad Genai didn’t explain to us how to use our digivices.”
Trace closed his eyes and the Key of Knowledge suddenly began to glow. “All we need to do is hold our digivices in front of us, click the big button and yell and yell Spirit Fusion!”
Suddenly a light enveloped Trace and Kunemon. When the light faded there stood what looked like Trace in an armor that was a mix of brown, green, and yellow. He had what looked like two wooden swords in both of his hands and two antennae on his head that gave the appearance of a headband. Overall, the outfit made him look like a ninja in a Fall-leaf colored armor.
Immediately Trace jumped up high up into the air and hit Yanmamon on the side of the head with his swords, knocking it down to the ground.
“Ok, it’s my turn,” said David. “Spirit fusion!” A light enveloped David and Terriermon. When the light faded David appeared in a green and white armor that had a giant sword on the back. He had a mask with Terriermon’s face on it with and Terriermon’s giant ears going down his back. The mask covered his own face from the nose on up. Both his arms had a gun that wrapped around his forearms and hands.
“Bunny-Blast!” David yelled, shooting both guns at the downed Yanmamon. When the smoke disappeared Yanmamon was desperately attempting to get up.
“Searing Flames!” Toni yelled in the background. The huge fire-ball blast hit, and Yanmamon slowly disappeared. David and Trace looked back and saw Toni. She had an armor that was a mix of red, pink, and white. She had on a mask with Chad’s face on it that covered her from the nose up. In her hands she held a spear and shield.
They all looked at each other for a moment, somewhat astonished at what had just happened. After a second or two Toni piped up and said, “Wow! That was cool.”
“Yeah, we make a good team,” David replied. Everyone nodded
A moment later Trace, in a rather dramatic tone, said, “I agree. We’re uber awesome!”
Toni and David looked at each other for a moment and fell over laughing.

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