Alastor's Story

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Alastor's Story

Post  Jack Atlus on Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:38 am

Alastor's mom died when he was young and his dad was always busy with his job so Alastor was usually left alone. he didn't have many freinds and the ones he did have he lost because he moved around alot, or they would betray him, so needless to say Alastor had some anger issues, which is probibly why he got into a lot of fights. He hated o figh but yet couldn't stop. The fights were the reason him and his dad moved around a lot. Alastor hated bullies, yet another reason why he got into fights, trying to protect people who were being bullied. When Alastor got friends he was very protective of them and at the same time very distrusting.

one of the times that Alastor and his dad had moved he had made a freind who was into a card game called Duel Monsters. Alastor decided to pick it up and see if he could channel some of his anger through the cards, in hopes to make it so he didn't have to fight any more. Alastor became prety good at the game and soon was the best in his area. One day the friend that had shown Alastor the game, got beat up really bad. Alastor went off the deep end and went after the bullies that did it and put one or more of them into the hospital. this made Alastor's father angry, so he kicked Alastor out. Alastor began to make a living playing Duel Monsters and winning in the tournaments, living off the prize money. He wondered if it always be like this, then he heard about a major tournament in the town of Neo-Domino City in Japan. The was said to be the best prize of any Duel Monster's tournaments. thinking this was his big break he headed to Neo-Domino City.

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