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Profile Template for 5D's

Post  Jack Atlus on Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:15 am

before you can make this you must be a rank 3 duelist.
Display Name: (do I need to say more?)
Name: (name your character but please be original, nothing from the tv shows)
Description: (this is obvious)
Background Story: (your character's story, why he started Duel Monsters)
D-wheel: (what it looks like and pictures are acceptable)
Deck Type:(give a name of your deck that describes it in a few words.)
Deck List:(please use this format and as for the cards. you can use the monsters and traps from the real game, but use the Spell cards that we post on the Speed World Card list post, and yes you must buy the Speed World Cards with Duel Dollar or DD for short. there will be speed world traps as well but you don't have to use them. and please still follow the limited and banned listing for monsters and traps. and finally absolutely no seal of Oricalcos and No god cards.) number your cards
1blue eyes white dragon
2dark magician
3 Lord of D
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