Rules of the Duel

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Rules of the Duel

Post  Jack Atlus on Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:33 am

these rules are for the Normal Dueling.

these are the same as the standard rules of Signer Central but with a few changes.
1. you can't do one word posts
2. and if your talking out of the game then it must be in (). if not then it will be considered spam and you will be warned.
3. if its not duel related then don't say it.
4. you must describe what you are doing. what you play and how you play it.
5. before you duel you must tell myself or one of the moderators of your duel and who it is to, we must have a pm from you and your opponent before you can duel. then go into the uel arena and each player must type their entrance then the last one to enter must roll a six-sided die A.K.A. a D-6 as it is descried at the bottom of the posting area, then the other player must roll a die by replying an typing in the word "rolling" then go down and also choose the D-6 option. whoever gets the higher roll can chose who goes first.
6. all players will start out with 8000 life points.
7. the duel must end in 4 days or less or I will delete the duel.
8. You will post a Play-By-Play post-text when you end your turn, you can do this by spacing down 2 spaces below the last line of your post and put challenger then space again and put defender. which ever person challenged the other is the challenger and that is where you will see the life point score of their adn the defender is the one who got challenged and you will see their life points next to the defender's title.
the most important thing to remember is to fill out the feild. if you are he challenger you put a "C" infront of the abreviation of the type of card you are playing and the number in which is played. example:
[dt2][dd1][ds1] = [defender's second face-up trap][defender's first face-down][defender's first face-up spell]
[dm1][dm3] = [defender's first monster][defender's third monster]
[cm1][cm2] = [challenger's first monster][challenger's second monster]
[cs1][cd1][ct1] = [challenger's first face-up spell][challener's first face-down][challenger's first face-up trap]
9.when the duel is over pm myself or one of the moderators and tell us who won the duel, once again both players must send it in. we will then give you your Duel Points or DP,(DP will show your rank in the Dueling community) and your Duel Dollars or DD)these are for buying more Speed World Cards.
10.For every for every Duel Win you will recieve 5 DP and 5 DD, for every loss you will recieve 1 DP and 3 DD, for a draw you will recieve 2 DP and 4 DD.
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