The Signer's Story

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The Signer's Story

Post  Jack Atlus on Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:15 pm

Thousands of years ago, in a pre-Incan civilization, there was a God-Dragon, known to the people of earth as the Crimson Dragon, who ruled over the earth as the god of Law. His evil brother, the Evil Deamon-God of Chaos, fed off the evil in people's hearts. He wished to rule over the earth and so kept feeding to make himself stronger to over through his brother and throw the world into Chaos and Darkness. The Crimson Dragon couldn't have this so he chose a group of people to watch over earth and all its inhabitants to make sure to keep peace in their hearts and evil out so his brother could not get stronger. These guardians were called the "People of the Sky" and their ruler the God-Dragon King. One day the Crimson Dragon's evil brother used pieces of himself to summoned monsters to the earth to create Chaos and harm the people of earth. The Crimson Dragon locked these Evil Monsters into the ground, which to this day are known as the Nazca Lines. The Deamon-God was furious so he tried to create more but was stopped by the Crimson Dragon. The two fought for a weeks none stop until the Crimson Dragon tried to seal his brother into the earth. The Crimson Dragon succeeded but at the cost of splitting his body into five pieces, to ensure that his brother didn't come back he designated five people to guard and control these pieces, these people are called the Signers. The Signers are known by a distinct birth mark on their right arm that looks like a tattoo, one that looks like a head of a dragon, another its wings, another its left claw, another its right claw, and fianlly its tail. The five pieces to many forms throughout the thousands of years, and this time they come again to stop the Evil Deamon-God from feeding off the evil in people's hearts and resurecting once again.

This is that world. with the resurection of the Evil Deamon-God coming, the Signers need to be found. but how? the decendants of the people of the Sky, as well as some guardians from an Atlantean Bloodline, decide to host multiple Dueling tournaments to see who the new signers, Crimson and Atlantean alike, are since for some reason the Birthmarks seemed to have been hidden with in them.
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