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Signer Central RP Story-line teaser

Post  Jack Atlus on Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:40 pm

with the resurection of the Evil Deamon-God coming, the Signers need to be found. but how? the decendants of the people of the Sky, as well as some guardias from an Atlantean Bloodline, decide to host multiple Dueling tournaments to see who the new signers, Crimson and Atlantean alike, are since for some reason the Birthmarks seemed to have been hidden with in them.

(this is a teaser from the Story-line for the main role play on this site. Check out the rest of the story about the signers and see what happens, as real people Role Play their Characters through the Yu-Gi-Oh! world in order to save it. Will they prevail or will they let the Earth fall into Chaos and destruction?

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